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Physical Therapy for Pets

Pets experience the same physiologic changes with aging as humans and can begin to experience mobility and strength deficits as they age. Physical therapy can help to alleviate age-related joint and muscle pain and help our pets stay comfortable in their older years.

Combining her knowledge and experience in animal rehabilitation with her human board specialty in geriatric physical therapy, she offers physical therapy to senior and geriatric dogs and cats at your home with an emphasis on palliative care to maximize comfort and quality of life. Interventions are designed to decrease pain and improve mobility impairments that limit quality of life and may include manual therapy, manual stretching, passive range of motion, gentle exercises, and low level LASER therapy.


Noriko has been a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) since 2009 and has experience working with dogs with both orthopedic and neurologic injuries and conditions. She has also taken additional continuing education on rehabilitation for geriatric dogs and on chronic pain management through CRI.

Your pet will require a medical clearance and referral for physical therapy from their veterinarian.  Physical therapy to help your younger pet recover from injury or regain strength & fitness after illness is also available. Please contact Noriko directly for more information about animal rehabilitation offerings.

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