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Evaluation & Assessment

My comprehensive evaluation includes a review of your past medical history, past exercise history and experience, personal health and fitness goals, and your current health and fitness routine. The evaluation continues with postural and movement analysis and an assessment of joint and soft tissue mobility, functional and muscle-specific strength, range of motion, and motor control in order to determine the cause of your symptoms or movement-related impairments.

Once we understand the cause of your symptoms, we can develop a treatment plan that matches your short and long-term health and fitness goals.

Instead of focusing on “fixing” a problem, we will:

  1. Restore stability and mobility for optimal movement and then teach you the body awareness and muscle control needed to build resilience against future injury

  2. Build a sustainable, challenging, and safe exercise program to maximize your physical stamina and fitness

  3. Support and promote healthy behaviors, choices, and habits that enhance lifelong wellness and joy of physical activity.

Body bands add resistance to planks
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