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Philosophy & Mission

Physical therapy is the practice of integrating of biomechanics, physiology, manual therapy, and exercise in order to facilitate recovery from injury and illness and to enhance quality of life. Our bodies were designed for movement and physical activity, and as a physical therapist, I help patients regain both the stability and the mobility required for efficient, pain free, and injury free activity. Unfortunately, the longer I have worked in the health care system, the more I am reminded that our health care system centers around treating disease, not keeping us healthy! Therefore, I decided to launch Trifecta Physical Therapy LLC to express my personal vision of how physical therapy can improve health and quality of life.


To me, health is a process and journey, not a destination. As we age, our bodies need more “upkeep” in the form of bodywork and regular exercise in order to maintain optimal performance. With this in mind, my practice integrates the principles of physical rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and health promotion to create a recovery, training, and prevention plan that is individualized to your personal health and fitness goals.

The mission of Trifecta Physical Therapy is to optimize how you feel and how your body performs through an integration of physical rehabilitation, training, and wellness. Regardless of your injury or health condition, current level of function and fitness, past medical and social history, or body size and shape, I believe all of us can experience the joy of physical well-being.

Trifecta Physical Therapy: Recovery, Training, Prevention

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