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"Noriko was the sixth physical therapist that I was fortunate to finally settle with thanks to a recommendation from a colleague in 2014. Two of the previous five I had previously sought help for pain in my sacroiliac joint and hip actually injured me. Noriko began by teaching me how to walk, to stand, climb up and down a hill or stairs, and how to sit. Pretty soon she helped me figure out what was triggering the pain and measures to prevent that. She also helped me figure out that single muscle training exercises actually exacerbated the issues and so, we worked on ways in which to activate multiple muscle groups during routine daily activities. I transitioned to maintenance physical therapy after about a year where I would see her every three weeks or more frequently, if I had any exacerbating event. I was sad to see her leave Los Angeles. Her gentle yet effective approach is a rare find and many of the issues I was plagued with have largely quelled. I could not recommend her more enthusiastically, Portlanders! She is the best." 

- 62 year old female, professor & researcher

"I had been struggling with severe tension headaches for a few weeks when I started seeing Noriko. Not only did she help me figure out what was physically causing them, but she also provided me with a broader understanding of the emotional and psychological culprits of my condition. Noriko offered a unique, convenient and efficient way to work together; meeting in the comfort of my home to provide manual therapy or at my fitness center to help me create fun and safe workouts. She adapted her approach to my lifestyle, values and goals and put me back on the path to a pain-free life. I cannot put into words how intelligent, compassionate, creative and dedicated Noriko is, as a professional and a person, and how fortunate I feel to have her by my side"

-28 year old female, occupational therapist & hiker/biker/runner 

"I was a patient of Noriko's for 6 years. I have lymphedema and radiation fibrosis as a result of breast cancer treatments.  Noriko developed a treatment plan that kept the conditions under control.  I very highly recommend her services."

- 53 year old female, professor & competitive dog sports athlete

"In my 20s and 30s, I raced mountain bikes, ran marathons, and competed in adventure/obstacle course races. Which means, I’ve been to a lot of physical therapists. Dr. Yamaguchi is by far the best physical therapist I’ve ever been to. Her knowledge of how the human body works is matched only by her bedside manner.  She got to know me, which helped in my recovery because she knew when to push me harder and when to pull back. Normally on a last visit with a physical therapist, I was always happy to be declared healed. But with Dr. Yamaguchi, I was a bit sad as well because she had done so much for me and I knew I wouldn’t be seeing her again on a regular basis."

- 46 year old male, writer & runner

"In 2017, when I was 73, I was Noriko's patient following foot surgery on my left foot. The second toe would not bend. Noriko patiently worked with me, giving me exercises for PT and homework that would help my lazy toe. It improved a lot, thanks to her. What I liked best about her was her persistence. She didn't give up on helping me."

- 73 year old female, retired

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