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Corporate Physical Therapy

We all perform our best work when we feel strong, centered, and well. Bringing physical therapy to your employees can mitigate work-related aches and stiffness before they become a problem and enhance work place productivity & creativity. By taking an individualized approach, your employees will be able to address their personal physical mobility issues and feel empowered to perform their best.

Corporate physical therapy services are tailored to suit the needs of your company and employees.

Offerings include:

Ergonomics of a standing work station
  • Ergonomics assessment - having an outside eye take a look at how you're actively using your work space can offer insight into the effectiveness of your personal desk set up. Assessments can also be performed for customer service counters, conference/meeting rooms, or other work spaces that are used frequently.

  • Posture and functional movement assessment - our bodies were designed for motion, but repetitive movements and/or prolonged static positions can start to cause tissue strain and injury. Assessing how you hold and move your body can give you insight into why you may be prone to certain injuries and help you prevent injury.

  • Individualized manual stretching session - why should stretching be limited to before or after a workout? The work day can often feel like a marathon, so let's bring the benefits of stretching to the work place! After a brief flexibility assessment, your employee will go through a series of manual stretches tailored to their body to improve their muscle length and function.

  • General fitness testing - are you sure you're fit enough for the job to avoid injury? Fitness and work-readiness testing is not meant to cut people from the team but to help your individual players learn how they can improve their physical fitness to bring their A-game to work each day.

  • Injury consultation - non-work related injuries or pain problems can be distractions on the job. This service offers private screening, assessment, and consultation on how to best manage an injury or pain problem on and off the clock in order to optimize your employees' work day. (Work-related injuries should go through standard HR procedures, however.)

  • Group "recess" - we've all experienced the negative impact of sitting all day in front of the computer on our energy levels, posture, and motivation. Bring the joy of movement, laughter, and activity to your work place by offering a group "recess" class to energize the body and mind in a safe and inclusive atmosphere.

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